PEE-WEE (AGE 3 1/2 to 6)



Discipline – Students learn discipline through taking care of and wearing a uniform/belt that represents their hard work as well as the customs of a martial art and the effort required to be successful.

Social Skills – Students at our school learn to work and communicate with both children and adults. Friendships are developed through cooperation and mutual concern for others. Instructors can also act as mentors for students of all ages.

Reflexes/Balance/Coordination – Many of the training activities center on improving each of these areas.

Focus – Learning the school’s curriculum for each belt level and participating in training drills helps students improve their ability to concentrate and complete a task.

Self Esteem – Setting and achieving goals help students develop a healthy view of themselves and their potential.

Courtesy – Students are required to address instructors as “Sir” or “Ma’am”, bow to both higher and lower belts to acknowledge their efforts, and to show kindness and concern for other students, family, teachers and friends.​


In order to help develop positive character traits , to move to the next belt level students under the age of 13 & parents must complete a monthly behavior chart.


Goals can be set based on the child's personal needs. To view the chart, 

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