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CHILDREN (Age 8 & Up) - 45:00

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Positive Attitude – Students are encouraged and supported as individuals to feel successful about their personal progress. They move to the next belt when they are ready. Achievement is celebrated as is perseverance.

Weight Loss – Students who may be dealing with weight issues have the opportunity to become more fit through increased and consistent exercise.​​

Self Confidence – Many of the activities of Tae Kwon Do (board breaking, sparring, tournament competition, promotions) help students develop a sense of personal pride and the knowledge that they can accomplish their goals.​

Improved School Grades and Behavior – When students feel better about themselves inside and out, often that translates into more energy to do work and the motivation to excel.

Respect – Students are required and taught how to show respect for themselves, their family members, their instructors and one another.​​

Healthy Competition – Students who participate in tournaments or sparring learn how to compete safely and with sportsmanship. The goal is to reach their potential.

Personal Safety – Students learn self-defense techniques that they can use in real-world situations. They not only develop Tae Kwon Do skills, but more importantly, life skills.

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