Tae Kwon Do is the most popular martial art in the world. Created in Korea, over 30 million people in 156 countries practice it. It is also an Olympic sport that features spectacular kicking.
Studying Tae Kwon Do offers the student the opportunity to develop their body, mind and spirit. It focuses on physical fitness and personal growth tailored to each student’s needs.
Choosing to participate in martial arts can be a life-changing experience. It means you or your child wants to change or improve the quality of your life. Together, we can help you achieve the goals you set. We take the student where they are and help them become what they’d like to be. The emphasis is on the student’s potential.

Here at the Song Tae Kwon Do Academy we have programs for students of all ages. Students progress as individuals, but have the support of instructors, other students and family members.
Things to Consider When Thinking About Joining a Martial Arts School

• Do I want to grant myself/my children the greatest gift of health?
➢ Tae Kwon Do offers a finely structured program that involves focus training for better concentration and coordination; total body exercises for muscle strengthening, endurance, flexibility and balance; and most importantly the continual progress in your abilities create success in itself growing stronger self esteem and confidence.

​• Will I be able to commit my time at least once a week to training?
➢ We offer classes 6 days a week to all belt levels at different times for your convenience. You do not have to make a commitment to any specific day, but we ask that you look at our schedule to see what times best fit you.

• Am I willing to set my goals and stay committed to them?
➢ Belts ranks are a fantastic way of keeping track of your goals and progress. On average it takes 3-5 years to reach Black Belt status. We will be there to help motivate you and to ensure your progress.
​• Can we see ourselves participating as a family?
➢ One of the best ways parents can help their children is by participating in Tae Kwon Do with them. We have many parents in the Adult program that practice with their children. Consider enrolling as a family.

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